After the recent HRD debacle I have tried to find a better or even comparable software package for Windows. Most ham software out there isn’t very compatable with each other. However I was able to find something worth trying out with DXLab Suite. The major parts for me were logging that supported eham and LoTW, somewhat universal CAT control, and intercompabability with digital mode software such as WSJT-X. Using JTAlert I’m able to log from WSJT-X back to DXKeeper, DXLab’s logging program, and WSJT-X can use the DXLab Commander CAT Control. I’m not a big fan of the PSK app so far, called WinWarbler, I’m definitely more used to something like DM780 or fldigi. I’ll keep trying it out, but the integration between the apps and the auto updating make it a compelling package.

side note I’m now able to publish this blog automatically via Wercker, so I should be updating it more frequently.