When I discovered I had radiant barrier in my attic, I was a bit bummed. I mean I love the energy savings, but it killed my plans for a big attic dipole for HF. I also wanted to put a J-Pole or something up there for UHF/VHF. I found a small scanner antenna at radio shack that apparently works great for low power 2m/70cm work. With the radiant barrier, I now had to find a way to get it higher up, but not in my attic. I was motivated by the Buddipole/Buddistick and using a painters pole to get the antenna higher.

What I ended up doing was putting some looped and knotted paracord under a hose clamp. I then put that just under the top of the second section. Those supported the guy lines. Antenna was clamped to the very top. Worked pretty darn well and I was able to hit all the repeaters near me. Ended up chatting with a guy North of Fredericksburg, TX. Then my battery died. Took about 10 minutes to tear down. I’d like to find some kind if pvc to painters pole thread adaptor. I’m even entertaining the idea of using the Buddipole mini on top of this when I get an HF rig.

Ended up getting 1.2 to 1.4 SWR and full 4 watts.


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