Finally on HF

For Christmas I got a Yaesu FT-897D plus the LDG AT-897plus and the FP-30 build in power supply for the FT-897D. Pretty happy with the combination. Very compact and very usable. My first setup was out in the backyard with my portable antenna setup, but I added a 10 meter 1⁄2 wavelength wire dipole. Worked okay, but by the time I was setup, it was evening. 10m usally sucks in the evenings.

Portable Antenna

When I discovered I had radiant barrier in my attic, I was a bit bummed. I mean I love the energy savings, but it killed my plans for a big attic dipole for HF. I also wanted to put a J-Pole or something up there for UHF/VHF. I found a small scanner antenna at radio shack that apparently works great for low power 2m/70cm work. With the radiant barrier, I now had to find a way to get it higher up, but not in my attic.

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