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My interest in amateur radio started back when I was in Boy Scouts in Upstate NY. I never quite got around to passing the code portion, so I sort of gave up. Then in 2013 I learned that the code portion had been removed a few years prior, so I promptly learned the info for the Technician test and took it in June of 2013. I was issued the systematic callsign KF5WAY shortly thereafter. Not contented with the limited capabilities of the little Chinese HT I purchased, I tested up to General class in January of 2014, during the San Antonio Radio Club’s Ham Fiesta. My first HF radio was a Yaesu FT-897D with an LDG AT-897plus tuner. I climbed up my roof and put a 10m 12 wave dipole up. My first contact was 5500 miles away in Brazil! I’ve since upgraded to an Elecraft KX3 with the 100 watt KXPA100 amplifier. I also have a PX3 panadaptor to see what is going on. My antennas are an S9v18 vertical with a good ground plane and an I3VHF Magnetic Loop antenna.

My primary interest are digital modes, such as PSK31 and JT65, as well as trying to learn CW and make contacts with that. I enjoy hunting down new DX that I’ve not gotten before. My QTH isn’t the greatest for DX, but I’ve been able to make contacts as far away as Australia. August of 2016 I tested up to Extra class and updated my callsign to reflect, KE5EO. The choice of the vanity callsign was made so the E and O stand for the names of my daughters, Emerson and Olivia. It also has a pretty low CW weight which should make my CW goals a bit easier.

Occasionally I’m asked to present an introduction to digital modes, which you can find my presentations in the blog portion. I am certainly willing to present any time, just ask! In the future, I hope to be able to operate QRP with my KX3 on the road or just out and about.

I hope to see everyone on the air!

73, KE5EO